• People Food For Dogs?

    Many times when we are out talking about our products, we hear people say "But I've always heard dogs aren't supposed to have people food". This is largely a myth that is believed by most pet owners. A myth that VibraPet Foods hopes to dispel. While the statement is not entirely untrue, the real issue is that most people misunderstand it. After all, what exactly is people food?

    For the purposes of this article, let’s define people food so we are all on the same page. Some might describe people food as the discarded table scraps from left over plates or even pieces of fat cut from a steak. Others might describe people food as prepared meals such as spaghetti with meat sauce. While spaghetti and meat sauce is obviously people food, VibraPet Foods only refers to people food as single ingredients. For example, we would define people food as chicken breast meat, beef round, carrots, potatoes, etc. Further, these ingredients would be only the parts we would eat, not the trimmings or the parts that are typically cut off and discarded. Having said that, it should also be noted that not all people food ingredients are safe for dogs but more on that later.

    By that definition, can dogs have “people food”? Absolutely! Not only can they have it, they need it. Thinking logically, it is natural food. Doesn’t it only make sense that an animal consume natural ingredients in their diet as opposed to kibble made of discarded grain materials, meat meals and by-products?

    Now that we have defined “people food”, let’s address the concept of feeding your pet spaghetti and meat sauce. While dogs can eat many of the same ingredients we do, not all are good your dog. For example, I love onions and they go into my meat sauce every time. My meat sauce is also seasoned with salt and has a tomato base. Too much tomato can be problematic although there is controversy on that subject not really related to this article. Dogs most definitely do not need added salt to their diet, and onions can cause anemia in dogs. Now would I feed my dogs spaghetti and meat sauce? No.

    Lastly, there is the issue of balance. Feeding a dog a diet that does not contain the proper nutrient balances can cause deficiencies in some cases and toxicities in others. Making sure your pet gets proper nutrient balances is important to their long term health. That’s where VibraPet Foods comes in. We offer all natural ingredients just the same as people eat. Plus, we balance it so that your dog is sure to get all the required vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients he or she needs to live long and thrive.
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